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Sold in 30-Days Promotion

*Terms & conditions may change without notice.
*Offer expires 30 days from mailings. Overall campaign ends November 31st, 2021.
*This promotion requires a separate signed agreement accepting terms.
*To be valid, the seller must sign an exclusive "right to sell" agreement with the agent, Mark Alameel (who is part of The Hoffman Group and is sponsored by Fathom Realty).
*Promotion is considered fulfilled once any offer is recieved. To get to "Funding" can take longer than 30 days and is dependent on buyer's financing, buyer's terms, and market consitions. 
*30 days starts on the first full day the listing is active.
*“Sell it for Free” only refers to the listing agent commission, all other fees still apply (including broker fees, team splits, marketing costs, etc.) For simplicity, the minimum commission will be 1% for homes under $500k, 1.5% for homes between $501k-$999k, and homes over $1 mllion have a 2% minimum.
*The buyer's side commission is always unaffected.
*If you’re working with a real estate broker, please disregard. It’s not our intention to solicit the offerings of other real estate brokers. We are happy to work with them and cooperate fully.